1. Fold belt in half to
    find the middle

2. Put the middle 2 inches below your belly button

3. Take the right side around your body and tuck it under the part of the belt you're holding with your left hand

4. Take the left side around your body neatly laying it over right one...lost yet?

5. Take that piece you just wraped around your right side and tuck it up under both

6. Tighten it up and it should look a little something like this

7. Good luck here
The part that was in your right hand in the previous image is now in the left hand and the one that was sticking out top goes over, down and then up through it

8. You're done! Tighten it up and your get a neat & tidy little arrow pointing to your right

I'm so glad I don't have to write technical manuals for a living!



How to Tie Your Belt
After trying to draw these pictures and trying to explain the proper way to tie a belt I've come to the conclusion that it's probably best just to come in and have one of us show you! ^_^ 
That said, I figured I post my sketches anyway although I think it becomes impossible to follow along after about step 4!
Here we go...

































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