Aiki Web
Overall probably the best aikido refrence and forum on the web.
Aikido Journal -
Another great refrence and forum page.
Japanese Sword Guide -
The most comprehensive online guide to nihonto I've been able to find.
Training Weapons by Bear Wood Products -
Custom weapons in a range of high quality woods.
Aikikai Foundation Ibaraki Branch Dojo -
O'Sensei's old dojo where Isoyama Shihan is currently the Dojo Cho.
- A nice cafe press online store with original aikido clothes and goods. If you dojo would like to make its own gear this is a good way to do it. Cafe press lets you upload your own designs and put them on all sorts of goods that they then produce and sell on demand.

Templo Dojo
Our good friend Mauricio Fuzimoto Sensei's Dojo in Sau Palo
Tsuki Kage Dojo -
Nathan Scott Sensei's Shinkendo, Toyama Ryu & Aikibujutsu dojo in Hermosa Beach
LA  Aikikai - Los Angeles Aikikai webpage - thanks to everyone who attended this years seminar it was great to train with new friends!

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